Saturday, 6 September 2014

E-Commerce and CMS Development Website Development in Lucknow India USA

"FIRE MOONSTUDIOS PVT.LTD."  give  top quality E-commerce development services to our world wide shopper to realize this, we tend to build extremely gifted E-commerce developers team with fashionable tools and techniques having experience. Following options includes in tailor-made E Commerce web site to push your business in international market.
Electronic commerce, remarkably referred to as E-Commerce, Is commerce in product or services victimization pc networks, like the web. Electronic commerce attracts on technologies like mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, provide chain management, web selling, on-line dealings process, electronic knowledge interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automatic knowledge assortment systems. fashionable electronic commerce usually uses the planet Wide internet for a minimum of one a part of the transaction's life cycle, though it's going to conjointly use alternative technologies like e-mail.

Ø  E-Commerce businesses usually employ some or all of the  following practices:
Ø  Provide E tail or "virtual store fronts" on websites with on-line s, typically     gathered into a "virtual mall".
Ø  Buy or sell on websites or on-line marketplaces.
Ø  Gather and use demographic information through net contacts and social media.
Ø  Use electronic information interchange, the business-to-business exchange of information.
Ø  Reach prospective and established customers by E-mail or fax (for example, with newsletters).
Ø  Use business-to-business shopping for and marketing.
Ø  Provide secure business transactions.

FIRE MOON STUDIOS PVT.LTD" "provide "The easy eCommerce net Solution". Our answer is fully-functional go-cart system which will effortlessly incorporate into the client's eCommerce web site. We Have got designed dedicated apply groups of knowledgeable consultants, developers and project managers to insure that our customers not solely receive a no-hit development method, however conjointly a cooperative strategic partner.

 Some common applications related to e-commerce are:-

Ø  E-commerce net Portals & application development
Ø  Auctions web site application development
Ø  eBay Integration into existing e-commerce web site
Ø  Payment entry integration
Ø  Custom development, configuration and installation of pushcart package
Ø  Customization of existing e-commerce web site
Ø  Site map and strategic designing
Ø  Product catalog designing
Ø  Custom graphic style
Ø  Custom tailored class & product list views
Ø  Custom tailored product detail page
Ø  Custom tailored hand basket & amp; checkout style
Ø  Custom button set
Ø  Incorporation of net promoting "best practices"
Ø  Cross-platform and multi-browser internal control.