Thursday, 16 April 2015

Avoid these while choosing an SEO company

One search for ‘SEO Company’ on a search engine will get you millions of results. Now like one problem leads to another, ‘how will you choose the company best suited for you?’
But before that what are the things you don’t want your SEO company to do. Prior to them telling you, you need to know of a few unethical practices many of them indulge into which could be suicidal for your business.

  1. Plagiarism or duplicate content: This leads to your site getting under surveillance and banned.
  2. Keyword stuffing: It’s really a turn off.
  3. Doorways
  4. Footer links: Random paid links are seen as unattractive and unprofessional.
  5. Auto anchor text: You don’t want the customer to get annoyed.
  6. Spammy comments: Unsensible comments just to increase your ranking generate trust issues.
  7. Low-quality pages: Keep your pages clean and professional. People when visit you, want a take back so that they come back again.
  8. Poor presentation: Extremely tacky.
  9. Content below fold : Hidden texts and content can get you banned.
  10. Technical problems: ‘ERR 404: Page not found’, is just plain sad for cutomer and your business.
  11. Poor writing: Hire a good quality content writer or a freelancer to do this job.
  12. No content: Then why will someone come to your website at all?
And the list just goes on.
  1. Splitting link pop
  2. Merry-go-rounds
  3. Unnatural links
  4. Semi-hidden text
  5. Rich snippet abuse
  6. Trustworthiness

These will no doubt get you a higher ranking but at what cost. It’s not cool to indulge in black hat techniques. The risk of getting your site banned in huge and in return your business can be considered done.
Take care of these thing and you’re good to go!